Please read this FIRST:
I have used websites for the past twenty years, but now find that new work is more easily posted on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I am a fairly prolific artist and find it a full time job recording the work and its details. Therefore, I leave the website up for folks unfamiliar with my work just to get a feeling-you’ll find my latest efforts on Facebook and on Instagram (#skripssculpture), where I post my new work often.

The Artwork
The artwork you see on my website is created and constructed/painted totally by me. Paintings are on found plywood unless otherwise specified. All dimensions listed are approximate.

About the Photos
I photograph my own work but some of the shots may fall a bit short of perfect. If you have questions about the artwork, please contact me (, so that I can either clarify verbally or send a detail shot or a different view. 

I ship artwork often. Shipping is reasonable – I handle the whole process, from packing safely to crate-building, so don't overlook this option.

Please email or call me to open a conversation if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture or painting. I am open to requests. 

Wholesale Business
I don’t wholesale for reasons that should be apparent – each artwork is one of a kind. I consign to certain galleries and could be open to new ones if there is a good fit. Terms to be discussed.